Want to land a job at a beauty brand, but don’t know where to start?

You’ve come to the right place!

I’ll teach you how to land your dream job at a beauty brand through our online course, The Beauty of Landing the Job.

The Beauty of Landing the Job course will help you…

    • Be empowered by top industry knowledge that will prepare you for challenging interview questions {it’s one thing to look the part, now you’ll understand the lingo and have confidence in conversation}.
    • Learn what recruiters look for most in candidates and how to develop these key skills in advance.
    • Apply for jobs and internships that best suit your passions and strengths.
    • Stand out above other applicants, gain positive attention and leave a lasting impression with beauty industry recruiters and hiring managers.
    • Gain access to exclusive beauty industry recruiters VIP contact list.
    • Turn dreams into reality with step-by-step roadmap to success.
    • Receive certificate of course completion!
    • Completing a GBI Course grants you access to join our affiliate program!

Hi, I’m Lauren

For over ten years, I’ve had the honor of managing global beauty brand strategies.

I’ve worked with brands, such as:
REVLON (Almay), Frankie Rose Cosmetics, Vince Camuto Fragrance, and more… Where I created and launched hundreds of beauty products from concept phase, to development, to commercialization {when you get to see your products on store shelves}.

You might be wondering “How were you able to land a job at a beauty brand and how can I learn to do the same?

I finally decided to share everything I wish I had known in advance: How to land your dream job at a beauty brand and establish a successful career with a step-by-step roadmap for success.

I can’t wait to help you create the beauty career of your dreams!

“I always wanted to work in business at a makeup brand, but had no clue where to start... until now!"

‘THE BEAUTY OF LANDING THE JOB online course surpassed my expectations. I’m no longer wandering in an unsuccessful job search, but am now getting contacted by job recruiters from makeup brands (pinch me)! I’m also relieved to know what to say during interviews when I’m asked about the latest industry trends and specific cosmetics questions. As a result of this course, I’ve already landed an internship and hope it’ll turn into a permanent position soon!”

“This course was seriously a game-changer for me!"

‘I’m not just talking about my dream career anymore, I’m now living it out with the new beauty internship I just accepted… I know this is just the start to my dream job, but it’s a huge first step for me and I am so excited! I was totally lost before taking this course and highly recommend to anyone wanting to get their start working in beauty. Plus, I’ve been telling all my friends about this course and just signed up to be an official affiliate member (which is even more empowering)!!”


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