What to wear to a beauty interview for great first impression

by | Oct 1, 2023 | Interview Tips, Style

If you’ve ever felt anxious over trying to find the right outfit for your upcoming interview at a beauty brand, you’re not alone! First impressions really do matter, especially when it comes to trying to land a job in the beauty industry.

I’ve been in your shoes before and thought I’d put together a list of do’s and don’ts on what to wear to a beauty industry or beauty brand job interview, as well as inspirational images with links to similar shopable looks.

Would love to hear your feedback in the comments below on which are your favorite looks?!

Beauty Interview Style “DO’s”:

  1. Do dress to impress
  2. Do prep your outfit in advance
  3. Do look up the weather in advance if interview is in-person
  4. Do bring appropriate “work bag” to fit resume, portfolio, backup shoes etc.
  5. Do take the time to be polished (dry cleaning, iron, lint-roll, etc)
  6. Do be yourself (this is not the day to try a new style)
  7. Do be practical (being subtle vs. over-the-top can work in your favor)
  8. Do consider what the brand (that your interviewing for) represents
  9. Do wear products made by the brand you’re interviewing for (Sephora free samples)
  10. Do arrive early to visit the restroom for a final outfit check

All of the above tips are to emphasize that you should PLAN AHEAD… Your style should convey that you are polished and pay attention to details. Incorporating elements of the brand in your beauty routine (if possible) on the day of the interview will show that you genuinely care about the brand, the opportunity, and that you should be taken seriously as a potential candidate.

For example, if you have an interview scheduled to be considered for a job on the GUCCI Fragrance team (which is currently owned and ran by COTY), then do yourself a favor and stop by your local Sephora a few days in advance and ask them for some free samples of a variety of GUCCI Women’s Fragrances. Try them out in advance and on the day of the interview, spray a couple of (subtle) spritzes of whichever one was your favorite. The person interviewing you will likely notice and recognize the scent when you walk in. If they don’t immediately notice, it will give you something to talk about when they ask you during the interview if you’re familiar with their product portfolio {perfect timing to mention each of their fragrances you’re familiar with and also throw in “As a matter of fact, my current favorite is ‘FLORA’ and I happen to be wearing it now. I just love the luxurious and subtle floral notes”}!

Every product you can get your hands on to test in advance of the interview will help show that you’ve taken the time to study the brand and this gives you an advantage to leave a positive lasting impression!

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Beauty Interview Style “DON’Ts”:

  1. Don’t dress too revealing (if you’re questioning if it’s too revealing, it probably is)
  2. Don’t wear anything too short to in-person interviews (test out “seated” skirt lengths in advance)
  3. Don’t dress overly flashy or wear too many labels (have them focus on you, not labels)
  4. Don’t wear overstated jewelry (bracelets that make noise or oversized hoops are distracting)
  5. Don’t wear shoes that are uncomfortable (wear shoes that help you walk with steady confidence)
  6. Don’t go overboard by wearing too much makeup (fresh/clean makeup is more appealing than wearing too many makeup trends at once)
  7. Don’t ever wear jeans to an interview (you’re so much more valuable than downgrading a 1st impression)
  8. Don’t wear sleeveless (if you go sleeveless, be sure to add a blazer before you walk in – thank me later)
  9. Don’t over-style your look (dress up, while at the same time able to show them you’re ready to roll-up your sleeves and get to work)

The goal is to look professional and approachable all in one. Overdoing it with flashy labels can sometimes give off a “diva-like” vibe (no one wants their first impression to spark any inaccurate assumptions, you want them to focus on your strengths and how you can be a benefit to their team)… So trust me when I tell you that less is more 😉

Here are some great looks to help inspire you as you prep for your upcoming beauty industry interview…

Here are some of my favorite spring and summer looks. I put together the above style inspiration board and compiled similar products below with shopable Amazon links…

Here are some of my favorite fall and winter looks. I put together the above style inspiration board and compiled similar products below with shopable Amazon links…

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